Diagnosed with a Varicocele?


Diagnosed with a Varicocele?
Diagnosed with a Varicocele?

Varicocele is a network of tangled tiny vessels in the scrotum giving the scrotum a Bag of Worms appearance. Patient generally presents with mild pain, swelling and heaviness in the scrotum and or infertility or low sperm count. It is caused by damage to valves of the testicular veins causing back flow and pooling of blood in scrotal veins. Long standing cases may cause testicular atrophy and infertility.

Diagnosis of the disease is done by Color Doppler US study of scrotum which shows abnormal flow of blood in the scrotal veins.

Treatment Options:

1.      Traditionally this has been treated by open surgery by a general surgeon or urologist. Performed under GA and takes upto 6 weeks for recovery.

2.      Now a newer, non-surgical technique is available called Varicocele Embolization, which can be done on Day Care basis or 1 night hospital stay. It is performed by Interventional Radiologist.

A tiny nick is made in the skin at groin under local anesthesia. A catheter is passed up to the testicular vein and venography performed to see the level of damaged valves. Coils are inserted to embolize damaged vessels, so that flow is directed towards normal healthy vessels. Patient is observed for few hours and discharged, and can resume normal activities the next day.

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